An Analysis of the News International Karachi’s Portrayal of AXACT Scam and Its TV Channel Bol


  • Sehrish Rais Ahmed Hashmi Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology


News Coverage, AXACT Scam, Fair Reporting, Ethical and Moral Values


The present study brings into focus newspaper coverage of the scam related to Axact Software Company and its upcoming TV Channel Bol. This study explores how The News International Karachi newspaper portrays and frames the issue of Axact and BOL television network. This study also defined how newspapers give coverage without applying the ethical and moral values of news. This study also discusses new media groups and related rules of business set by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority. The study finds that there is a tendency among large media groups in the country to discourage the arrival of new media houses in the country. There seems to exist an environment of animosity between various media houses that is further exacerbated in the absence of the rules of the business set or vaguely set by the PEMRA. The study also reflects on standards of ethical reporting, especially when it comes to coverage of issues related to the media industry itself. Fair reporting, the right to reply, balancing of views, known and quality sources, and the provision of truth seem to be alien values for such coverage. Anti-News is not only published but also proudly accepted and cherished by the editors. The coverage of the story has been discussed in light of framing theory.

Author Biography

Sehrish Rais Ahmed Hashmi, Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology

Department of Mass Communication



2023-12-31 — Updated on 2024-02-26