A qualitative study of teaching methodologies in design education


  • Rabail Hussain UNIVERSITY OF SINDH Jamshoro


Teaching methodologies, design education, learning outcomes, Creativity, Critical thinking


The study of teaching methodologies in design education is an important area of research as it can help to improve the quality of design education and promote better learning outcomes for students. This research aims to measure creativity and discover teaching strategies to develop creativity among visual art field students. This study involves an exploration of various approaches and strategies employed to impart knowledge and foster creative skills in the field of design. Design education faces several challenges, including balancing technical skills with creativity and critical thinking, which could be solved by improving teaching and learning relationships by focusing on teaching methodology to meet students’ needs. The research delves into traditional and contemporary teaching methods, examining their effectiveness in addressing the dynamic and evolving nature of design disciplines. The objective of this study is to investigate the teaching methods employed in design education. The study focuses on teaching methodology and strategies to enhance creativity and critical thinking. In this study, we utilize a qualitative research design that incorporates document analysis and thematic analysis. The data is collected through document analysis and literature review. The findings will provide valuable insight and strategies to advance their creativity and independent thinking



2023-12-31 — Updated on 2024-03-07